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Author Topic: [ANN] BOTCOIN (BOT) "The People's Bot!" Pre-sale SOLD OUT! Botzilla live!  (Read 1868 times)


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Wallet & Bot Download:

Info here:

ICO (120 btc) sold out completely in less than 60 seconds, Sept 7, 2015

Trading now open on C-CEX:

See the bot in action:

The Botcoin Vision

Three months ago, when we originally started working on our bot, our goal was to build a “People’s Bot” - one that would be cheap to own and run.

Our approach was simple: we assembled a skilled group of coders and reverse engineered all the best bots in crypto (Haas, Circuits, Quatloo). Our definition of success was very specific, with four Goals:   
  1) Our Bot would be fully featured AND fully functional at release.
  2) Our bot would rival all the top bots currrently available and work on all exchanges - including C-CEX, OKCoin, BTCChina, Huobi, BTer, Bittrex, Poloniex, Cryptsy, btc-E and
  3) It would cost less than ½ BTC.
  4) It would include  a built-in mechanism to reward investors - one that would even allow early adopters to own their own bot for free.

We have achieved these 4 goals. Botcoin’s  “Botzilla”  bot has exited our rigorous closed testing phase, and release is imminent.

Goal 1: Botzilla will be Cheap to own and use

Botcoin’s “Botzilla” bot will cost only .3 BTC for those who pre-order.

That’s it. About 69 bucks. That’s all.

We will run a 7 day public sale, and anyone can buy the bot for exactly that cost. Once you have the bot it is yours. Nobody can take it away from you. The bot will remain fully functional as long as you keep your .3 BTC stake worth of Botcoin in the wallet.

Goal 2: Botcoin’s Botzilla will be fully functional at release

We are tired of the endless coins start-ups that say “This is our ICO. We are raising money to do X. It’s not done yet, but it will be soon”.  We vowed we would not bring our coin to market until AFTER it was fully functional, tested, and could be demonstrated live in during the 7 day initial presale.

During the 7 day presale we will be posting a series of videos showing the BotCoin’s Botzilla bot in action. We think you will agree -  Botzilla is the fastest and most intuitive bot available today.

Goal 3: Rewarding investors

Cheap to own, packed with features, and easy to use - this is what sets Botcoin’s Botzilla above all other bots. But that’s not all. We have built a powerful reward mechanism in for early investors into the botcoin platform. Here is how it works:

  -  The initial sale will last 7 days. The ICO is capped at 120 btc. Each Botcoin Botzilla bot requires .3 btc worth of BotCoin to function (calculated at ICO price).  After these  7 days, all BotCoin not 
      sold will be burned.

   - This means the maximum number of bots that can be possibly sold during this time is 400.

This gives all community members an equal and unique opportunity. You can choose to pick up one or two extra copies of the bot as an investment before that 7 day period ends.  Once the public sale has ended, those bots bought by savvy investors during the seven day sale will form the the permanent and limited supply of bots ever available. 
(A small number of extra bots may emerge through staking in week 4. details in the next section.)

An example of investor reward:

After the sale is over, the market price of Botcoin will float. If for example, the market price of botcoin rises to 3x the initial offering, Newcomers would now need .9 btc worth of BOT to run Botzilla.

If you bought 2 ‘extra bots’ during the ICO, your original investment of .9 btc has now given you:
1) your own copy of Botzilla completely for free.
2) an additional 1.8 btc in profit - on top of your own bot being completely paid for.


After the 7 day sale is completed, the supply of Botcoin bots will be largely fixed. There is only one further issuance phase. The dpos system for Botcoin is designed to reward investors with significant bonuses beginning in the very first blocks. This period could theoretically increase the total number of bots by between 30 and 40. A select number of the largest holders would essentially be staking a limited number of extra copies of the bot into existence.

Goal 4: A fully featured bot for just .3 btc

Botzilla’s standard GUI includes:
- Visual Arbitrage Between any top exchange using BTC and Altcoins
- Randomized Volume Creation on any Altcoin
- Randomized Padding And Spreads
- Buy Side Camping and Sell Side Camping (Auto - Timed)   
- Ping Pong (Over/Under / Buy & Sell)   
- Live Order Books with autofill function   
- Secure engineering.  All RPC is saved locally.   
- Active development moving forward.
- Community-voted upgrades for life included. 
-  No gimmicks, fancy gfx, or marketing propaganda.
- Just the tech you need.

V2 (free upgrade) includes:
- Mobile bot apps (Android / Iphone) with cloud based support & mobile push alerts.
- Programmable Bot Functions.
- Swarm mapping.
- Stealth botting options.
- Bot Buddy.
- Auto risk-reward.

What you need to know:

- ICO on C-Cex starts Monday Sept 7 and runs 7 days.

- During this time, a maximum of 400 bots will be sold at a fixed price of .3 btc / bot.

- After the ICO, bot price floats with market price of Botcoin.

- Total coin count 40,000. ICO price .003    100 coins required to operate a bot.

- DPOs Week 1 (Block 1 - 9999) = 0.02 Coins.   
  Week 2 (Block 10000 - 18199) = 0.05 Coins = 409.95.
  Week 3 (Block 18200 - 33199) = 0.1 Coins = 1499.9.
  Week 4 (Block 33200 - 43200) = 0.2 Coins = 2000

Post-ICO update from dev team:

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Preview video of Botzilla in action. The People's Bot!


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Updated, pre-sale sold out! Bot coming tomorrow!


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