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Author Topic: DNotes Path & Philosophy  (Read 514 times)


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DNotes Path & Philosophy
« on: February 10, 2017, 07:06:01 PM »
It is difficult to keep anything brief that involves summarizing three years worth of hard teamwork, not to mention the enormity of mapping out a global scale business plan that is thinking ahead in decades. I have taken a few highlights from some of Alan's posts to give a overall synopsis of DNotes path and philosophy. A lot of the wording is verbatim (without quotation acknowledgement) from different parts of his posts, as well as some of TeeGee's from his chapter on The DNotes Story.

I tried to keep it short while still delivering the main points, but if there is anything critical that needs adding (or omitting), let me know.

DNotes Path & Philosophy

DNotes is a long term, large scale, global project that will take years or even decades to fulfil its objective of becoming the digital currency of choice in global commerce. DNotes has the most comprehensive and far reaching business model of any competitor in this industry. It has many parts and components, including our own ecosystem. Once it starts to gain momentum, it will dominate and can not be easily replicated.

DNotes Launched in February, 2014 with the goal of being the global “digital currency of the future with lasting value”. The development team immediately began creating a culture of mutual respect, cooperation, and team work resulting in a productive and rewarding community atmosphere. They have built, and continue to build, the trusted brand needed to experience significant growth in the financial services industry.

DNotes has always made it a top priority to build a solid foundation capable of supporting rapid scaling, and when ready, begin working on the necessary technology as the industry matured. This is a stark contrast to what has gone on in the industry over the last few years, where it has always been 'all about the tech', at a great cost (and often failure) to the various projects. A methodical approach, carried out by a dedicated team all sharing the same vision, allowed the entire DNotes ecosystem built to date, to be constructed with 100% funding provided by a small number of stakeholders.

Through CryptoMoms (Cryptocurrency Learning Center) and DNotes Vault (guaranteed online storage for DNotes stakeholders), we have made investing in cryptocurrency possible for segments of the population that had very little representation in the 'bitcoin world'. Women, children, and older adults, the majority with no interest or experience in technology, make up a significant portion of DNotes stakeholders.

The importance of educating the public on cryptocurrency did not stop with CryptoMoms. DNotesEDU (formerly DNotes Educational Guide) developed the first app that allowed anyone with a smartphone to gain entry level knowledge on digital currency.

The CRISP (Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plan) program, designed for various long term savings goals, has been established and is positioned for global expansion at the appropriate time.

DCEBrief (Digital Currency Executive Brief) provides the objective, to the point industry news needed by decision makers, professionals, and other people that don't have time for excessive page filler.

Looking ahead...

As part of a structured 'best business practices' approach to product development, very few details are released on projects being worked on before they are finished. DNotes has now moved into its next phase of development, which includes a major upgrade to the DNotes blockchain, migrating it to a hybrid PoS/PoW coin, creating a second digital currency to be used for funding and other purposes, planning an ICO, positioning itself to be a significant player in the blockchain technology arena, and becoming a serious FinTech participant. Specific details on these projects will be released at the appropriate time.

Alan has always been very passionate about helping struggling small business owners, having lent his business expertise to many entrepreneurs in the capacity as a small business consultant for more than a decade. His book, Improve Your Odds - The Four Pillars Of Business Success, draws on this expertise acquired over the course of more than four decades in the business world, and is a key foundation block to our ecosystem. It will serve as a launching pad for funding upcoming projects, further development, promoting DNotes and the CRISP plans, as well as connecting DNotes with small business owners and their employees.

The Four Pillars of Business Success member website is an affordable e-mentorship program that gives you exclusive access to information and materials that expand on the concept of the book. It will also provide you with access to Alan and his team, a wealth of additional resources, and the tools required to help your business grow quickly.

DNotes Global Inc. is a for-profit company that was created to take over, help develop, and fund our growing ecosystem. DNotes digital currency will own up to 25% of this company, providing significant fundamental and intrinsic value to the currency as the company expands. Plans for the company include its own exchange, bank, partner banks, global payment network, multi-currency cards, and various business ventures.

DNotes Global Inc. is our bridge between the centralized financial world we live in now, and the decentralized world (currency and technology) we are about to introduce to it. Once DNotes Global is firmly established, expect it to grow rapidly with mergers and acquisitions along its path. Perhaps within ten years, DNotes Global will be a publicly traded company. That long term vision has remained virtually unchanged since the day DNotes was launched.
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