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Author Topic: QUESTIONS on DNotes?  (Read 5389 times)


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Re: QUESTIONS on DNotes?
« Reply #30 on: January 17, 2017, 02:17:52 AM »
Hi i just asking for registry of DNotes company to trust your words months ago. Supposed to be already working.

Company Legal data that usually is shared.

DNotes Global, Inc. is incorporated in the State of Delaware on April 1, 2016, #6005128. It is a 01025 Stock Corporation ("C" Corporation) That is all public information for anyone who wish to verify. We have retained the Law firm of Huck Bouma for their legal services. As you may know, professional services is very costly. I have advanced and paid almost US$2,000 so far. More legal work needs to be done (including licensing agreements and the assignment of up to 25% ownership to DNotes) at the justifiable and appropriate time since it will require additional funding. There is just not much to report at this time. It is another one of our building blocks that is positioned for us to deploy quickly when needed. DNotes is taking a very different path and committed to be a long term player in our industry. That has always been our strategy and clearly articulated many times. I understand that this can be frustrating for investors with short term outlook. One needs to decide and pick the investment with the best fit. Our industry is loaded with many choices.

Thanks for reiterating your vision once again Alan, it's great to know that everyone here is committed long term, through all the tough times and the good ones. It's great to see some additional details about the company and gain a better understanding of just how much has to be accomplished behind the scenes before we can bring a functional and useful product to market. There are many cryptocurrencies where potential short term, quick profits can be realized, but there aren't many looking to provide the required long term stability to become a fuctioning store of value, and medium of exchange.

If you aren't patient, or need money right now, DNotes may not be the right currency for you.

Thanks, Brandon. You are correct. There are many pieces that must come together and we are always working on something with a list of priorities. Our visions, strategies, and executions are clearly spelled out in the "DNotes Story" chapter 15 of my book "Improve Your Odds - The Four Pillars of Business Success." It is a must read for serious DNotes investors. Our ecosystems are all strategically linked - block by block and can be scaled up rapidly at the right time. We constantly map out the best strategies and position ourselves to take the next step at the most opportune time. Sometime we have to patiently wait for technology to mature and settle. We don't have to be the first in everything. But we need to be best positioned and take the right path with every major step.  Our current priority and focus is on DNotes blockchain.

Funny you should say serious dnote investors should read the book.. i just ordered it over the weekend. 🙂Looking forward to reading it, ive heard so much about it.

Thanks, mrbum804. I trust that you will enjoy reading it and find it help.

Great! So i eneded up deciding to start my own part time business and im going over numbers and licensing right now. I want to read it before i talk to family (get a start up loan) and an  attorney (get it filed all properly). Im no entrepreneur i just know how to be a technician so im sure itll be great for me. My whole family is loaded with entrepreneurs so itll at least help bring me up to scale a little i would imagine. Ill let you know my input on it once i finish reading it. And thankyou!

Excellent. Let me know if you have any questions.

It does not matter what business you are in; part-time or full-time, you must have the mind-set to be equal to or better than your competition in every aspect of your business. That is the first rule to be successful in business. DNotes is strongly guided by many of the principles and philosophies mentioned in the book. As we grow and expand things will become more apparent. Enjoy your reading.

Ya sounds good.. thankyou for your time and advice! And yes I cant wait to see it from the dnotes perspective as well since ive been a follower for years itll be a great read in multiple of ways.🙂


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Re: QUESTIONS on DNotes?
« Reply #31 on: February 05, 2017, 11:03:36 PM »

Please post all DNotes related questions here. It will help us not having to duplicate answers if there is a thread that can be checked to see if the question has already been asked and answered?

Thank you  :)

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