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Author Topic: The DNotes Vault Part I: your DNotes online wallet  (Read 1498 times)


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The DNotes Vault Part I: your DNotes online wallet
« on: May 19, 2015, 05:05:48 AM »
The DNotes Vault is the online wallet developed for securely receiving, sending, and storing DNotes. It is actually more than a wallet, but for starters let's focus on how to use it as a wallet. We will cover the additional features and how to use them in a future guide.

Register your account
The home page gives a good summary of the mission of DNotes as a currency and the purpose of the DNotes vault. Click on the [Register] button at the top right to open your account.

You will have to enter and confirm an email address and a password. Remember to choose a unique password using a password generator and store it in your password vault. You will also have to agree to the terms of service and check a couple boxes related to email correspondence. When you click on the [Submit] button, the DNotes Vault sends you an activation email. You will need to click on the unique link inside the email to activate your account. You can then log in.

The basic wallet functions
Logging in takes you to your account dashboard. At first you will have one main account with its address. However, you can create as many sub accounts as you want, each one having its own unique address. Simply click on the [CREATE ADDRESS] button underneath your main account.

You do not need to create any new addresses at this time. You can start by using your main address to receive DNotes. When you click on the [Deposit] button, you get a pop up window with your address and email address. Be sure to copy the address (starting with the letter D) completely, and you can now use it to receive funds.

To send DNotes, click on the [Withdrawal] button, then check "Regular" under "Withdrawal method." Next, check "DNotes address" under "send to." Paste in the destination DNotes address, fill in the amount you want to send, and then click [Submit request]. You will receive a confirmation email. To finalize the withdrawal request, click on the link in the confirmation email.

If you are sending DNotes to someone who has a DNotes vault account, you can also use the email address associated with his or her vault account if you know it. In that case, you would check "Email address" under "Send to" and enter the email address. The timed send feature allows you to send DNotes at regular intervals--daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Withdrawal requests going outside your vault account can take up to two days to process. If you are transferring funds from one sub account to another within the same vault account, the transfer is instant.

You can see a complete list of all transactions for each address by clicking on the [History] button for that address.

Securing your DNotes Vault account
The DNotes Vault goes above and beyond what most online wallets do to keep your deposits as safe and secure as possible. Mainly, the vault stores all its sensitive account information offline and transactions are manually signed using an offline process. Users also have the option of requesting a freeze on their account if they believe it has been compromised. In addition, the DNotes vault has backup funds to be able to replace any lost depositor funds in the event of a vault-wide breach. In other words, the DNotes Vault does its part to keep your account secure and your funds safe.

You have a part to play in keeping your Vault account safe and secure as well. Your first responsibility is to have a strong unique password for your vault account. If you used some kind of generic password to register, then please take the time to change it by clicking on the [My Account] button just next to the [Dashboard] button. There you can enter your name and physical address and phone number--this information helps to confirm your identity and ownership of the account if that ever comes into question. You can also enter a secondary email address and phone number, update your password, and enable two factor authentication.

You should enable two factor authentication if you plan to store lots of DNotes in your vault account. To do so, simply check the "Enable two factor authentication" box, then click on the [UPDATE] button. You will then see your unique QR code which you can scan into your smart phone or tablet PC. You can also manually enter the key found just under the QR code. Once you have enabled two factor authentication, you will need to enter a number from your smartphone or tablet each time you log in.

In this guide we have covered the basic wallet functions of the DNotes vault. These functions include generating new addresses, depositing and withdrawing DNotes, viewing the transaction history for each address, and very important, securing your account on your end by using a strong unique password and enabling two factor authentication.

The next guide will cover the additional features of the DNotes Vault which make it so much more than just an online wallet.

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