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Absolutely fantastic to be included in such a high profile magazine in a highly competitive list. Great write up, well done Alan. This is great exposure for DNotes.

The Four Pillars of Business Success - Introduction by Alan Yong

To sign up for membership pre-registration please visit this link:

DNotes / Re: Chicago Blockchain Conference
« on: June 10, 2017, 04:39:27 PM »
Taken from Bitcointalk - we had a productive day!

Hello all! Apologies for the forum absence. Alan (DYNA), Joe (DNotes) and myself met up with MiningHabit for some food and a drink. Then we met another supporter, Sam who works for a fund in downtown Chicago at the Illinois Blockchain Center conference, as well as many other power players in the industry.

Joe, Tim, MiningHabit, and Alan.

Myself (left) with Alan (right) and Sam (next to him) and a couple great students we respectfully won't name without permission.

DNotes / Re: DNotes General Discussion
« on: June 10, 2017, 03:21:10 PM »
Hello all! Apologies for the forum absence. Alan (DYNA), Joe (DNotes) and myself met up with MiningHabit for some food and a drink. Then we met another supporter, Sam who works for a fund in downtown Chicago at the Illinois Blockchain Center conference, as well as many other power players in the industry.

Joe, Tim, MiningHabit, and Alan.

Myself (left) with Alan (right) and Sam (next to him) and a couple great students we respectfully won't name without permission.

DNotes / Re: DNotes General Discussion
« on: May 22, 2017, 07:33:43 PM »
Some thoughts on DNotes strategic move to C#

Moving to C# was a great strategic move that should allow for better corporate world participation for distributed ledgers. Most languages allow for the implementation of anything - though C# has many advantages over other languages for development.

Since the DNotes platform is to work primarily to engage the corporate community, it is best to look at what companies look for when deciding on a language to employ:

Common use

Corporate entities put a large emphasis on reducing risk. Using the most commonly used coding languages that are proven and strongly supported, which makes finding capable programmers easy.

C# is widely supported, with it being easy to find programmers worldwide. By comparison, C++ (the code used for Bitcoin core and most blockchains) is very difficult to find highly capable programmers for - which makes developing and finding coders for C++ very expensive and time consuming.

Programming speed and cost

Companies both large and small are hyper-aware of the cost to creating applications, for which C# is a much better alternative than C/C++. Programmers in C# are much more productive in this regard due to C#'s forgiving nature in debugging. C#'s integration with the .NET framework and standard libraries (pre-programmed code) makes finding solutions much faster than C++ where much time can be spend writing code that should have already been written. Businesses need their enterprise applications to be written, tested and integrated quickly and will always prefer to use language which get them the best ROI in the fastest time.

Ease of hiring programmers

Microsoft and Oracle certify developers. Corporations hiring a lot of people find it much easier to confirm that the people they are considering hiring know they have the required base level of coding ability. By contrast, most top coders in C++ are very difficult to employ as they are rarer in number due to C++'s steeper learning curve.

When rapid and agile business application development is the primary goal, C# must be considered as one of the, if not the best programming language to opt for.

Really happy to see the news disseminated in this release. We've begun moving quickly, and the benefits that are soon to accrue for the project - and the industry as a whole - are very exciting. Technological development is a necessary stage in this process, and while most currencies appear to be utilizing the open-source nature of everybody else's work, DNotes keeping as much of its development in-house as possible.

Let's get to work :) Well done!

DNotes / Re: DNotes General Discussion
« on: February 10, 2017, 12:43:31 AM »
This is all very good news. I'm excited to see how DNotes differentiates its second digital currency from others in the industry who have taken a similar path in releasing 'tokens' on top of their original platform.

This will certainly be a very exciting year for DNotes. We will disclose more details in the future as we see appropriate. When all the pieces we have been building are integrated into one system it will give us many new capabilities that are difficult for most people to imagine at this time.

Sorry it took me a few days to get back here.. Alan this all sounds amazing! I also really appreciate the time and effort you take to keep us informed, in the best manner available you see fit, at the time of where your at in the project.. I will say you And your team have done and awesome job following through with EVERYTHING ever mentioned and love your non-hype approach since the beginning. Like Alan said look through the bitcointalk form and this was always the case.. I'm sure I speak for everyone but I cant wait to see what the future entails!

We are indeed very lucky to have competent and experienced people at the helm of DNotes Global. There is a lot to learn about general business strategy from watching DNote's approach to the Fintech and global payments industry. Many have charged off ahead, made mistakes, paid the price, and have joined other projects or given up; others are hanging in there, or even leading the pack by paying the investment cost on technology and strategies for others to observe. DNotes is using its competitors and friends as a model of A/B testing. When we surge ahead, there will not be massive costs imposed or roadblocks to the degree of those that tried to breach the border wall first. The trick is in finding out what works (technology and consumer preference wise), and then using business model superiority to solidify market position once consumer preferences are identified, which makes competitive "catch-up mode" very difficult. From that point on, the trick is doing everything possible to stay ahead and be mindful of market disruption through other new technologies - to never cease to innovate and offer the customer 'more'. 

DNotes / Re: DNotes General Discussion
« on: February 07, 2017, 12:17:47 AM »
Hello everyone.

I have just returned to New Zealand from the USA, where I was lucky enough to meet Alan and his wife in New Orleans. We had a fantastic time, ate a lot of great food, and discussed many of the issues regarding the cryptocurrency industry and DNotes Global's response and plans going forward. I absolutely loved my time in Texas (Austin / San Antonio / Houston) and Louisiana (New Orleans).

I'll be ramping up my contribution within the business and overall plan, having finished study with the view that a mainstream digital currency is the biggest dream I can achieve through creating a real alternative to fiat money (of which I take personal grievance against). I believe more than ever that DNotes is the best team to make this a reality.

That said, the right to divulge more details to the community doesn't fall to myself - though it is all very exciting. I think this will be a very productive year. I imagine there will be more details soon (it has always been one of DNotes key principles to not release details of projects until they are near release and/or direction is 100% confirmed - which if you read the old forum you'll find many instances of this being discussed).

That comeback was pretty crazy for the Patriots eh? I was boarding my plane at about half time. 

DNotes / Re: DNotes Educational Guide
« on: December 16, 2016, 01:52:54 AM »
Though expensive in fees, it's great to see more providers expanding to a global reach for acquiring digital currency.

Nice work Brandon.


Everybody take the summer off? Not much discussion here. Hows everything going?

DNotes is the carrot on the left -  ;D

I do like that!

All is well down in NZ, knuckling down and finalising university (for good this time) over the next 5-6 weeks. There is lots of room for work to be done on essential DNotes projects atm, most of this work is done behind the scenes. One of the good things about bitcointalk was the regular posting - however it was also very time intensive for the administration team, and took their attention away from other crucial components of the business as it moves into tech analysis, solutions, and development (among other things).

How are you RJF? and Chase?

DNotes / Re: Book - The Four Pillars of Business Success
« on: August 11, 2016, 11:26:13 AM »
That's a really helpful review. It's great to see many months of Alan's hard work being rewarded with a great review.

Now to continue to snowball and grow in exposure.

DNotes / Re: DNotes General Discussion
« on: August 03, 2016, 11:38:07 PM »
It is also really difficult to accept the fact that just one company having a security issue can affect an entire ecosystem!

While I feel for bitfinex, and I'm confident they would have put a lot of effort into maintaining a secure exchange after the fiasco's with Gox / Mintpal etc, there was definitely something awry in their verification processes. When your company not only risks its existence, but the well being of the industry that you work - an extremely high level of fiduciary responsibility should be applied.

Growing pains - this is not forever. When DNotes rises, we may need to to consider auditing business security processes at exchanges and large wallet services in order for the main company (DNotes Global) to include them in our ecosystem. That way the prominent companies that provide third party DNotes services will be more secure after receiving DNotes Global's nod of approval. DNotes holders would still be free to place their DNotes in the trust of anybody they wish - but those companies not yet audited may not be fully integrated to use our full ecosystem, and therefore DNotes users' will have less reason to use them.

When your currency and business ventures survival may depend on large hacks not happening (who needs most of the crypto out there to be in the hands of thieves?), such measures need to be considered. Though I quite like the idea of... perhaps having completely p2p wallets on individuals machines with access that must bypass an online DNotes operated security system. That way no single wallet would have enough funds to affect the DNotes value if it were hacked because it was all p2p, and the company could still provide top level security to its customers. This could be either a local app that needs authentication from the DNotes security system, or it could be an online security layer attached to every offline wallet. Hope that made sense.

13 / Re: Taking Crypto Currency to the Next Level.
« on: July 31, 2016, 01:14:29 PM »
This is excellent news for CRISP for Students. This step is the first in a progression towards the program flourishing into a fully developed go-to savings and investment place for students. There are so many possibilities - and I think as a community we could use the DNotes evolution model for mutual interests. DNotes could offer the first CRISP for Students work experience program, and maybe, internship program not long after.

Let me know what needs to be done re-Game Credits. Nele and the team are doing some great work there.

It's really great to have Alan back from break (I trust it went well!?), and to see familiar old faces (Hi PEACEOFWAR).

The book is awesome, and I'm really proud to have helped out a highly competent team. The work I help out with here is by far the most interesting work I've done in my life to date. As Alan poignantly pointed out in his book without error - far too many people enter the workforce and business without having a passion for what they do:

"Search your heart and assess your reasons for launching your company. If those reasons amount to nothing more than simply creating your own job to fill an income vacuum, then you have chosen the wrong path. A lack of passion for your chosen business will inevitably end in disaster." - Alan Yong, The Four Pillars of Business Success.

It's amazing to see the huge lift in trading volume at the exchanges. I saw on Poloniex several days ago the 24 hour trading volume at over 300 btc! That's more than 300 thousand dollars worth of my local currency at just one exchange!! I think people are beginning to see the value in everything the team is working on here. Well done to all.

The Kirkus review thing is also very exciting - they're highly reputable according to a friend of mine in the writing industry.

I look forward to listening to the next podcast at the Fierce Entrepreneur!


Today we uploaded a new video to the DNotes Youtube channel that explores some of who we are, what we plan to become and some of the achievements up to the time of filming (December 2015).

Please check it out and share:

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