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The Four Pillars of Business Success - Introduction by Alan Yong

To sign up for membership pre-registration please visit this link:

Today we uploaded a new video to the DNotes Youtube channel that explores some of who we are, what we plan to become and some of the achievements up to the time of filming (December 2015).

Please check it out and share:

DNotes / CRISP for Students ANN:
« on: March 02, 2015, 08:41:58 AM »
Hello Cryptomoms community! I am TeeGee from the DNotes forums, and I will be helping out with the implementation of the next CRISP launch - for students. The following is an extract from the DNotes forum at I will frequent both this forum, and the page to monitor replies. Exciting things have been happening at the exchanges for DNotes in the aftermath of the generous retirement CRISP launch, and CRISP for Students will be the next piece of the crypto puzzle that will really make the DNotes difference.

CRISP for Students

Hello fellow DNotes community members! As you may be aware, the DNote's team plan on rolling out CRISP for students the week beginning march the 30th. I would like to ask the community for feedback and ideas about what you think would make a great program that provides incentives for young students to enter the cryptosphere, and save their DNotes with the goal that they will provide an escape from rising student loan debt. The first objective is to give interested students the ownership/user experience of DNotes without having to purchase them. The second objective is to provide a large variety of bounty offerings to students where they may participate in projects that will further the DNotes strategic vision (like marketing etc).

The original offering will be a registration page where Students can enter their email address, DNotes address, university, and courses of study with the option to leave personalised messages for the DNotes team. After the initial 200 accounts paying 500 DNotes are used up, separate universities and other groups will be provided with unique codes that they will be able to distribute to their attending members, who will then register with their individual details listed above to be gifted DNotes (100 initially), with each unique user being able to use the code once.

In this initial posting, I am interested in community ideas that meet the two primary objectives outlined above for:

1: Best way to mitigate cunning students from scamming the system by registering more than once with separate e-mails (let's be honest... who doesn't want more DNotes?  Grin).
2: Future ideas that could be improve or complement the student CRISP in future.
3: The most effective mediums to promote CRISP for students and its launch - Facebook groups, bitcointalk, twitter, student forums, infographics etc?
4: The best way to communicate value of cryptocurrency, and DNotes to students. For example: "Heard of Bitcoin...? yeah? Well, this coin is more stable and appropriate to be used as money, and one day in the future your 100 DNotes could be worth $x, if you look at the DNotes price chart, you will see there is every possibility that DNotes will be even better than Bitcoin over the long term!"
5: Any modifications I should make to this list for the community to consider?

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