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DNotes / Re: DNotes Educational Guide
« Last post by BrandonC on January 19, 2017, 10:25:11 PM »
From DNotesEDU blog...

Has The Definition Of Savings Changed For The Average Person?

There was a time when savings used to refer to the amount of money you had accumulated, and you bought only what was needed when you could afford it. The older generations may remember the days of a 'rainy day fund', but the rest of us have grown up in a deceptive, instant gratification culture of spend now and pay dearly later.

Since this new definition of the word savings has been subliminally drilled into consumers heads for so many years, they don't realize they are doing the opposite of saving money – they're spending it. These people are taking on more debt than ever with nothing set aside for the future, and some are getting dangerously close to the point of never being able to recover financially. People spending beyond their means also has another hidden cost to everyone, they are artificially increasing consumer demand for products by spending money they don't have, which in turn increases prices for these products.

This trend of mindless consumerism is preventing people from saving for things that could really benefit their lives, such as:

-Financial preparedness for emergency or disaster
-Home or vehicle purchase and maintenance costs
-Investment opportunities
-Avoiding debt

I suppose one could argue, that with today's low interest rates, a 50% savings sign looks a heck of a lot better than the measly .5% that the bank is willing to offer on a savings account.
Announcements / Re: [ANN][♔] Britcoin 3 [BRIT] | 5% annual interest | Always on TOR
« Last post by britcoin on January 19, 2017, 06:11:10 PM »
It seems we are being delisted from C-Cex on 1st Feb.  Please withdraw all your Britcoins from there in advance of this date.

Note that we are still listed at
Announcements / Re: Beyond the Void's ICO
« Last post by Beyond the Void on January 19, 2017, 04:24:59 PM »

Rescheduling our First Milestone
“A delayed game is eventually good. A bad game is bad forever.”
~ Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto

Hi, this is Remi. A little over a week ago, we brought Johan Dufour on board to be our front-end advisor. His first project is to help us bring out the second major iteration of our shop. I built the first iteration in October, but it just wasn’t good enough! (My strengths are in blockchain smart contracts, not e-commerce front-ends). Johan and I have paired up as a team, and are applying our combined talents to creating a much nicer version of the store. Therefore, we are rescheduling our first milestone from February 8th to February 22nd.

So to summarize, here’s our updated development/release schedule:

● We’ll distribute the backer’s assets and provide a check balance tool on February 1st
● We will release the new version of the store on 22nd of February

Please keep in mind that we’re holding a live demo with CoinInterview on January 27th where we’ll demo what we’ve developed so far and provide an update on the project. Then, on February 1st, we will distribute the assets along with a tool for you to be able to check your balances. Then, we will take a few more weeks to release the shop. We also plan to present the finished shop at the EDCON on February 17/18 of February in Paris.
Although these types of delays are common in software development, we understand if some of you feel a disappointed or frustrated by the delay. We care about your thoughts, so we are bringing you news of this delay sooner rather than later. We hope you accept our apologies. Please know that we will continue working hard to make things right.
Sincerely, Remi, Johan, and the other team members.

PS: Keep in mind that we are still going to the following events, which will include live presentations of the game and the store:

● January 27th:   Coin Interview, a live interview & game demo on YouTube
● February 17th-18th:   EDCON in Paris, France
● March 3rd-4th:   Lyon E-Sport #10 in Lyon, France
● April 6th:   Blockshow Europe in Munich, Germany
● April 8th :   CoinFest UK in Manchester, United Kingdom
Would you like to know more about  and services?

Coinsbank - The Blockchain Bank of the Future!

CoinsBank Services Guide

You may also wish to read more about CoinsBank here:
Recent news from the dev:

Here are the changes relevant from version 1.3 to version 1.4.2:

    - Alert key notifications.
    - Addition of 20 ChainWorks Industries seednodes, now totalling 27 seednodes.
    - Hindi language translation added. Now 65 total languages including dialects.
    - Additional checkpoints added.
    - Dependency updates: Windows open SSL update. Mac Berkley DB library update.
    - Numerous documentation updates.
    - Copyright years updated both in the wallet and in various documentations.

All of these changes can be viewed in the commit list in the master branch of our GitHub.
Released v1.4.2 wallets for Windows and Mac are up-to-date with the current source code.


I now have the LED on the C.H.I.P. flash when a block paces on the EverGreenCoin blockchain.   Smiley

EDIT: Please join us on the EGC Renewables forum for more details.
 As development progresses with the EverGreenCoin Solar Staker, details will only be there. Of course, I will announce major milestones here as well. For a closer pulse of the heartbeat, pun intended, please join us there.


If anyone has anything they wish to list in the marketplace, please, by all means. Items on the marketplace do not need to be 'green' items, as that question has been asked. To list an item, you just need to create an account and click any of the menu options under 'seller' in the 'marketplace' sub-menu under 'shop'. From there you can apply to be a vendor, just tick the 'apply to be a vendor' checkbox and click submit. I then approve your vendor status and you will be able to add items.


I know some of the community are in disagreement with EverGreenCoin's stance, specifically EverGreenCoin Cannabis's stance, on marijuana both in recreation form and medicinal form. I have had private conversations with community members on the topic and fully understand the negative implications.

I do personally think those implications are amplified by the prohibition and the social stigma, and in some ways social glorification, of the plant. The evidence of the benefits of the plant is overwhelming and I don't think fully realized and will not be until social stigmas are diluted with time or, in a better scenario, disproved and removed with understanding. Of course, one can not dispute the many other benefits we could be yielding from the plant in textiles, paper, disposables, fuel, etc.

Bow has done a great job maintaining the EverGreenCoin Cannabis facebook page with evidence. and that has been bringing new eyes to EverGreenCoin as I only recently have started sharing those posts in other anti-prohibition groups. If you are active on facebook, I ask you to do the same.

Bow has also purchased some stock of EverGreenCoin Cannabis T-shirts that are now for sale in the EverGreenCoin marketplace. 20% of the proceeds go directly to the EverGreenCoin Foundation. They can be purchased with Credit Cards, PayPal, or hundreds of coins or receive a $5 discount if purchased with EverGreenCoin. Shipping is included but I do ask for an additional $5 for international shipping out of the United States to help me absorb that additional cost.

The stock will not be received, by me as I will be shipping them, until the 20th but I will make certain any orders received by then will go out on that day. I will also cover expedited shipping on that day, if it is available to the destination.

For the record, I do not personally partake but I have first hand seen the medicinal benefits.


To update the EverGreenCoin community on the EverGreenCoin Android wallet, the Android developer does have an EverGreenCoin wallet running on an Android device and connected to the EverGreenCoin network. He is now working on the actual communication of the Android wallet with the network via an EverGreenCoin ABE block explorer.

While I do fully understand the Android wallet is behind schedule and was roadmapped for Q4 of 2016, because of all the 'administration nightmares' (SciFi Domain scam, UniqueBTC drama) securing an Android developer, of which I talked with five in total, in mid-to-late Q4 2016 was hampered and thus pushing the timeframe already. Then in early December the Android developer had to do some unplanned traveling for his job that allowed him no time to devote to the task. But now everything is back to full swing.

At any rate, I do apologize and accept responsibility for missing the roadmapped quarter of the EverGreenCoin Android wallet. That said, I am pleased to announce, it will not be missed by much. Not much at all. I, of course, will keep you all posted as to any dates as soon as I feel confident in them. Do expect those details in the very near future.


The shirts Bow ordered are in! All sizes are available. Shipping is included, now even on international orders!

Pay with EGC, $25

Pay with PayPal, Credit Card, or any other crypto, $30

EDIT: I forgot to mention, 20% of all sales go directly to the EverGreenCoin Foundation in the form of EGC. Whether direct from EGC sales or purchased off an exchange from proceeds of all other sales.
« Last post by ccedk_pro on January 18, 2017, 02:01:05 PM »


START Feb 14, 2017 at 08.00UTC; END April 13, 2017 20.UTC

Read more info & check out updates about Centz's crowdsale here:
Welcome to the Centz crowdsale powered by OpenLedger and its suite of crowdfunding solutions.

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General Discussion / Re: FinTech
« Last post by Chase on January 17, 2017, 07:57:04 PM »

While there has been a decline in fintech funding in the U.S., it has reached an all time high in Canada. This has given the city of Toronto bragging rights:

Survey: Toronto Ranks Fourth in Leading FinTech Centers

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You may also wish to read more about CoinsBank here:
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