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65 hours in and the encryptotel crowdfund is closing in on the $1.5 million mark.

Join now for 10% bonus:
DNotes / Re: DNotesEDU
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New blog post:

Is The Bank Of Canada Holding Your Bank Account?
Announcements / Re: EXSCUDO Nextgen Financial Ecosystem - Crowdsale LIVE!
« Last post by vindyne8 on April 25, 2017, 06:29:45 PM »

Exscudo ICO rockets up
The crowdsale of EON coins has started at 18:00 GMT on April 25.

The price of 1 EON is fixed during the ICO and is equal to 0.0002 BTC. There is a one-time emission of EON coins in amount of 240 000 000, 150 720 000 will be available for sale.
Investors that buy non-reserved coins during the first 10 days of ICO are awarded with 5% bonus coins. During the second 10 days the bonus is 2.5%. Everyone who participates in the ICO will get a zero commission for all operations on the Exscudo exchange for a daily trading-exchange volume equal to the amount invested. This lifetime privilege is assigned to the account of an investor.


EncryptoTel raised $1,200,000 USD in first 24hrs - Days #2-7: 10% bonus (23,404 ETT/BTC) is now active!

Privacy Policy

Crowdsale Agreement


Whitepaper v1.0

EON Whitepaper

 Development Plan

Crowdsale Prospectus

And to get some inspiration, watch our new promo video


Encryptotel has raised nearly 1.1 Million USD in the first 18 hours. There are still just under 6hrs left with 20% bonus! Click the picture above, or the link below, to join:
How to invest in the EncryptoTel crowdsale
We’re using secure, intuitive deposit tech to make it as straightforward as possible to participate in our crowdfund.

EncryptoTel’s crowdsale opens in just a few minutes, on Monday 24 April. Taking part is extremely easy and takes just a few minutes at most.

To start with, sign up to register for an account at You’ll need to enter your email address and a password. Keep these safe — you’ll need them to access your account, though if you have problems you can always ask us for support. After signing up, you can go straight to your control panel. You’ll see information about the current price of the EncryptoTel Token (ETT), how much has been invested so far, how many tokens you own, and so on.

Once you’re registered and logged in, you’ll receive your unique BTC address for deposits, as well as WAVES, ETH and ETC addresses (check the dropdown menu on the left for options). All deposited funds are immediately moved to escrow, and wherever possible two-of-three multisig is used.

All you need to do is send funds to these addresses, using the QR codes or by copying and pasting the addresses. BTC can come from a private address that you own yourself, or from an exchange — it doesn’t matter. The same is true for ETH and ETC. In the case of WAVES, though, they must come from an address you control. Do not send WAVES from an exchange. When using Ethereum or Ethereum Classic, take care to send funds to the address for the correct blockchain! You can also use ShapeShift to convert most alts to BTC on the fly. You’ll be credited in BTC at the market rate.

When you buy with WAVES, you’ll need to enter each address you deposit from. You’ll also need to record a Waves/Ethereum address to receive your tokens after the crowdsale ends. Because this is Incent’s deposit tech, there’s a substantial Incent bonus for every investor at no extra cost to them, equal to 3% of your investment. This will be bought in real-time at market rates from exchanges at the point of investment, and will also be sent to your registered account.

All ETT balances are calculated from the blockchain, using timestamps to determine which price tier applies. Your token balance will be updated shortly after deposit. There’s no MySQL database, which is the regular way of doing it — these can be hacked and tampered with. In the event of a complete outage, API failure or anything else untoward, investors will know that their token balances are securely recorded on the blockchain itself. At the end of the crowdsale, there will be a thorough audit, before token balances are once again calculated by parsing the blockchain, and ETT tokens created and distributed to all our investors as a Waves or Ethereum token.

To register for the EncryptoTel crowdsale, go to If you have any questions, ask us on the Waves platform Slack or EncryptoTel Slack, or our . For more information, visit
From the original post here:æternity-wiki-bounty-campaign-6419b7c7c3bd

æternity Wiki Bounty Campaign

The æternity Wiki is now LIVE! Would you like to help improve it? We have some AE tokens for you!

Wiki Pages are so Informative!

We have spent long hours exploring the Bitcoin and Ethereum Wiki resources. Such knowledge banks are undoubtedly a fundamental, primary resource of information for many projects inside and outside of the blockchain sphere. æternity now has one too — and you can help improve it!

How to Participate

To edit, you need to sign up for a free GitHub account.

Then go to the æternity Wiki and press “edit” or “new page” as appropriate, make the changes and press “save”.

The bitcoin wiki can serve as a great archetype for what we would like to accomplish with the æternity Wiki. We would like it to develop into a comprehensive source of information about æternity as well as a general source of information about blockchains.

Note: Contributions must be original (not copied). All rights to your script will be surrendered to the æternity project and published under the æternity Libre, Free and Open Source license.

Non-original contributions are acceptable, if the content is under a Free and Open Source license. Such edits will be in compliance if they advertise proper attribution to the source.

Let’s make this Wiki sensational!

Wiki Contributor Bounty

A 1000 ETH bounty is being made available for contributors to the æternity Wiki. The bounty is open to everyone. Funds will be distributed as follows.

When Phase Two of æternity’s contribution campaign starts, we will look into the edit history.
- 50% of the bounty will be proportionally distributed among all participants.
- The remaining 50% of the bounty will be distributed to the top 10 quality Wiki contributors, based on staff picks.

Since the evaluation of contributions can be quite subjective, please do not participate by making excessive Wiki edits solely for the bounty. Always keep in mind that your contribution might not get the appreciation that you think it deserves.

The Wiki bounty is sponsored by Simply VC Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Simply Holding Co Ltd.
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