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Author Topic: Hope Token – The genuine hope for humanity!  (Read 454 times)


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Hope Token – The genuine hope for humanity!
« on: October 14, 2017, 01:37:57 AM »
I have been part of various ICOs in last few years, whether as an investor or through bounty campaign, but I have seen NOTHING like Hope Token. 99.9% times, it is just about money when we talk about ICOs, but Hope Token is really exceptional.

It is certainly an ICO, but as I said not the "routine one". Their whole mission is to help humanity especially those who might require financial assistance due to the medical condition, funeral, or disconnection of services. They are willing to handle any type of case with providing complete assistance.

And, It is fair to say that such concept that revolves around Charities and Donation with helping each and every individual in need is not found elsewhere, at least not online. So having an ICO project for that is almost unthinkable, but that's what Hope Token is all about! They even allow the donor (us) to earn their (our) initial investment back to a dollar to dollar. So, let's join up to become part of the movement that will change our HEART, and Life of others!

The ICO starts on 15th October, just a day away! Join the project that’s going rewrite history and will become the symbol of generosity, and will be remembered for decades to come! We can even get 50% bonus in the first week for the ICO sales. Check out their official site

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