What is mining? Mining is the process where miners are awarded coins for approving transactions by solving complex math problems with mining software.


What do I need? At the basic level you need a computer and mining software. Depending on which coin you want to mine, it may be more efficient to mine using your computers video card or specialized hardware that uses ASIC's (application specific integrated circuit). However, almost any coin can be mined using just about any computer.


For educational purposes, here are instructions to mine DNotes in way that anyone can follow along. This isn't a good way to earn a lot of coins or make a profit, only for those who want to learn mining or see the process for themselves.


Download the following mining software.



Extract the zip file and you will see a list of files. Keep this folder open for now, we will need to go back to it later.


Visit DNotesPool.com and register for a new account and then login.


Click the My Workers link (https://dnotespool.com/index.php?page=account&action=workers), enter a worker name and a password and click Add New Worker. For this example we are using worker name workerone and password workeronepass.


Now if you click the Getting Started link (https://dnotespool.com/index.php?page=gettingstarted) you will see all the information you need to get started mining. The key information is the stratum URL and port. For DNotesPool.com it is

STRATUM: stratum+tcp://dnotespool.com

PORT: 8333


Now let's go back to that folder you unzipped. Right click in that folder, go to New and click Text Document.


Name your new text document start.bat.


Now right click on start.bat and click edit.


Paste in the follow text:


minerd.exe -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://dnotespool.com:8333 -u cryptomoms.workerone -p cryptomoms.workeronepass


Change cryptomoms.workerone to YOURUSERNAME.YOURWORKERNAME and cryptomoms.workeronepass to YOURUSERNAME.YOURWORKERPASSWORD, filling in your own information. YOURUSERNAME is the username you used when you registered at DNotesPool.com. YOURWORKERNAME is the name of the worker you created. YOURWORKERPASSWORD is the password you created for your worker.

Now close and save the start.bat file.


Double click on start.bat and you should start mining. Please note some anti virus programs recognize mining programs as malware, it may block you from using the program.


Once you have accumulated some coins you will want to withdraw your coins from the pool.


Click Edit Account (https://dnotespool.com/index.php?page=account&action=edit).

Here you can enter your DNotes address in the Payout Address field.

A percentage of how much you want to donate to the pool.

Automatic payout threshold. If you enter 100, every time your account balance reaches 100 DNotes, it will automatically pay you.

You will also need your 4 digit pin, which you entered when you registered.

Then click Update Account.






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