One of the blessings and curses of being on the internet is that you are anonymous. This can obviously be a problem when one's intentions are not good or honorable, but for the most part, it is critical to be anonymous – and this is especially true when dealing with financial matters. But in the world of crypto currency, when every single transaction is recorded, how can you keep your identity safe?


Within every coin is a history of all transactions. These transactions are public and traceable on the block chain, which is part of the inherent make up of each crypto currency. To remain anonymous, these transactions are not tied to you by name. Instead, they are linked to a coin address, securing your anonymity.


The only way your coins could be linked to you by name is if you acquired them through an online site that required your personal details to complete the transaction. Your name would not be publicly available, just available to the company you purchased from. Another way for your name to be associated with a coin is if you made a purchase that required your personal information.





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