Have you ever submitted your credit card information to a website and wondered what happens to your credit card information? Were you ever in a situation when you decided not to buy something because of a suspicious looking website and the only payment option available was your credit or debit card? Or you may have had money vanish from your bank account and the bank tells you that someone withdrew your money from a foreign ATM? Pretty soon these will be issues of the past, once crypto currency becomes the mainstream currency.


Hackers often attack security holes in websites or databases to obtain your credit card numbers. Fake websites are created just to gather your purchasing information. The truth of the matter is your credit card information may be for sale right now on some underground information selling forum or chat room to the highest bidder.


Crypto currency is more secure than many other forms of payment. You don’t have to trust that website to handle your payment information properly because the only piece of information they will receive is the actual coins. No one can come back and try to charge you again, or make a withdrawal from your account. Once you send your digital currency payment, that’s all they get is your actual payment.


One of the best ways to conceptualize crypto currency’s superior safety features verse fiat currency is the concept of pull or push. When spending fiat currency as cash, you pull money out of your purse. When you use your credit card, debit card or check you authorized money to be pulled out of your account. The inherent weakness of this system has given birth to identity theft, resulting in tens of billions of dollars being pulled out from accounts, using stolen identities.


When using crypto currency, you enter an address to send money to and the amount you are sending. Once you click send you’re pushing that transaction through the network and it gets added to a block, the block of transactions is confirmed to be legitimate by a large network of miners and the block is updated throughout the network.  Unlike fiat currency, no one can be authorized or under false identity pull money from your wallet.




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