Transferring money from one bank account to another by checks seems to be getting slower and slower. It typically takes a few business days, never including weekends. It is inefficient and expensive. Crypto currency solves many of these problems.


Sending digital currency to someone else is as easy as clicking a few buttons and almost as fast. Depending which coin you are sending it may only take seconds, some can take up to a few minutes to clear. You will even save money of all of those banking fees and online charges.


Ever send money across borders? Using wire transfer or services like western union can be difficult and slow. This is a great example of how crypto currency can be useful in your everyday life.  Whether you have friends in Germany or family in Ireland, it’s just as easy to send them coins as it is your next door neighbor. There are no borders on the internet, and so you don't have to worry about whether one type of coin is going to be more acceptable than another. You just decide to send the money, and off it goes.



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