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Crypto currency can sometimes be difficult to get your head around, but it is basically digital money. You never see it, hold it, or put it in your purse, because it is held in a digital ‘wallet’, stored securely with a password that you create.

This is just the beginning and crypto currency is in its infancy. Already a blooming industry with millions of investors, stake holders, around the world, many people are using it to buy and sell goods and services. It is fast and efficient with low transaction fees. The value is based on supply and demand. Coin supply is high now, but as more and more people adopt crypto currency the demand will grow and supply will diminish. Now is a great time to start collecting coins and save some for your retirement or your kids college fund.

Where do I put my coins?

If you're just getting started with crypto currency, the easiest place to store your coins is on the exchanges. Exchanges are simply a place where you can trade one coin for another. As you get familiar with crypto currency, you will want to have your coins in your own wallet. Coins worth more than you can afford to lose should be stored in a wallet.


For this example, we will use the Cryptopia.co.nz exchange and DNotes crypto currency:
-Visit Cryptopia and click the "Register" button.

-You will be prompted to enter information such as email and create a password

-Once you have confirmed your email address, you can then login to the Cryptopia.co.nz site.


Now we will retrieve your DNotes wallet address. This is a string of letters and numbers and can be used to send your DNotes to your Cryptopia account.

-Login to Cryptopia.co.nz

-Once logged in you click on balances under the Bitcoin symbol in the upper right hand corner.

-Find NOTE in the list and you will see your a green down arrow next to NOTE, labeled deposit.


This address is where you send your coins.


You can use this same process for each coin traded on Cryptopia.

> Is crypto currency really anonymous?

How do I use a wallet

Wallets are designed to be very simple and easy to use. You have a basic overview screen, send coins, and receive coins. It also shows how many coins you have in your wallet and where they came from. Beyond that, there are two recommended advanced features we recommend you familiarize yourself with, encrypt wallet (password protection) and wallet backup. Below is a video demonstrating the basic install and functionality.

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