Once you accumulate a number of coins, you will undoubtedly be concerned about how you are going to protect them. After all, the money that you earn gets put either in your hand or in a bank account. Both seem pretty safe – so how can you feel just as safe and secure when considering your digital coins?


That is when you should think about getting a wallet. This is a digital wallet, and can live quite happily on your computer. Using your own personal wallet will give you that little extra peace of mind that you are looking for.


In most cases, it is perfectly reasonably for you to use an online exchange to store your coins. You may have read about them in our article “Store your coins safely and easily in one place” (http://cryptomoms.com/store-your-coins-safely-and-easily-in-one-place.html). If you haven't, you definitely should. Your own digital wallet will give you better security for your coins.


For many people, it is simply not practical to maintain many different wallets, especially when you have only small amounts of each coin. It is often in your best interest to have your own, personal wallet for the crypto currency that you own when you have a lot of coins or value in a specific digital currency.


If you want to set up your own wallet, and you are not quite sure how to do so, then please visit our “Start Here” section (http://cryptomoms.com/start-here.html) for instructions, and a brief video that can help you get on your way.






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